Best Kept Secret – Word Is Getting Out

I had the good fortune of attending a Gemba Visit hosted by one of our Healthcare Value Network Members – The BloodCenter of Wisconsin.  I blogged during my visit here. As it turns out, the [...]


Lean In The Developing World

Here’s another post from my friend Melissa.  She’s writing about someone I’ve written about before. Here’s Melissa’s post: “People don’t care what you know until [...]


Lean Healthcare Certification

This post is from my friend, Melissa Mannon.  She (and I) would be interested in your thoughts: Lean Healthcare Certification: The Irony of Lacking Universal Certification Standards As an [...]


Lead With Humility

We had a very good day at our gemba visit at the BloodCenter of Wisconsin.  Healthcare Value Network members in attendance witnessed some examples of “leading with humility” which is [...]


A Safe House

A few of us went looking for a safe house as a part of our pre-gemba visit activities in Milwaukee.  We found it.   You can see us in the photo . Ask around when you visit Milwaukee.  Maybe you [...]


New Location For GembaWalkabout

I’ve moved the location for Gembawalkabout to this web address: http://gembawalkabout.com/  Check it out. Mike


WE Did This! Joy In Work!

I’m lucky.  I get to work with some great people.  Let me tell you about two of them, because I think they deserve a “shout out”. This is Catherine (Cat) and Jamie.  Catherine [...]


Three Great Gemba Visits

We help our Network member organizations host visits with each other to showcase their application of lean thinking in healthcare, and to give each other feedback on the work to date and ideas [...]


New Gembawalkabout Location

I’m moving my reflections from by on-line journal (http://gembawalkabout.tumblr.com/) to this location.  This will give me a chance to reflect on what I’ve written thus far, and [...]


Guest Post – Lean Healthcare Certification

gemba walk” (lean thinking term) to go to the actual place where value is added + “walkabout” (Australian aborigine) a short period of wandering bush life engaged as an occasional [...]

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