Three Great Gemba Visits

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We help our Network member organizations host visits with each other to showcase their application of lean thinking in healthcare, and to give each other feedback on the work to date and ideas for improvement.This week’s visit features the BloodCenter of Wisconsin, in Milwaukee.  Click on this link to a video that describes the BloodCenter, an organization that provides communities with a continuum of care that includes the discovery, diagnosis, treatment and cure of many life-altering conditions.

Gemba stations include:
Diagnostic Laboratories – improving material and information flow and engaging employees throughout our esoteric testing laboratories.
Blood Services Materials Flow –examples of how front-line staff have improved the blood products value-stream from blood donation through product distribution.
Blood Services Information Flow – examples of how cross-functional teams implemented simple systems to plan, share information, and meet the unique needs of our customers while effectively managing our resources.
Corporate Services Flow – how BloodCenter of WI is implementing Continuous Improvement systems in non-clinical and transactional environments in corporate support team gembas.
Transfusion Medicine – how BloodCenter of WI is collaborating with local customers (hospitals) through medical direction, patient blood management, and services to provide greater value and advance patient care.
Physicians Panel and Executives Reflections – discussions with physicians on the impact of the application of lean thinking on their work, as well as discussions with BloodCenter executives on the role of senior leadership in a lean transformation.

On July 10-11, we will feature the work of Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  They will feature:
1) Transparency and visual management,
2) Their work toward 100% energy independence through environmental stewardship and lean thinking.
3) “Journey to the New Hospital” to demonstrate how lean methodologies are applied to ideal patient flow and an energy efficient new hospital.

Here’s an example of what you might see on a visit hosted by one of our member organizations on July 25-26, 2013 – MemorialCare Health System in Orange, CA:

They are going to feature some cool posters about their work.  Here’s one:


If you are a member of the Healthcare Value Network, you’re gonna want to check out these gemba visits.  If your organization is not (yet) a member of the Healthcare Value Network, you can learn about membership by going to this link:…. and read our white paper about our peer-to-peer learning network:

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