Knowledge Goes Across Boundaries (& Between Organizations) Without a Visa

We ran a pretty interesting experiment this past week.  We wanted to introduce the Shingo Model For Operational Excellence to more of our company’s teammates and we included day 2 practice [...]


Orbiting the Hairball Is Only The 1st Step – Transformation Is Required

One of my favorite books is “Orbiting the Giant Hairball” by Gordon MacKenzie.  Some people share my view and have posted some highlights on their blogs: Bruce Eckel Fastcompany [...]


Tech Support and the Operating System

Our team at work is trying to define our management system using lean thinking.  Most organizations that are serious about lean thinking work on this … and I think the work never ends. In [...]


“Good Luck” Is Not A Strategy and It’s Not Enough

I had another conversation with my friend, Michael Grogan.  We made a short video of our conversation.  Click here to view it, or click on the image below.  Go ahead, I’ll wait for you. [...]


Try (This may not work)

When people help us with our work, I try to remember to say “thank you”.  I also like to give them a copy of one of my favorite books.  I have given lots of copies of “Orbiting [...]


T-Minus 2 Days Until the Tanzania Lean Healthcare Webinar – Guest Post “How Far Do You Take Your Mission?”

My friend Melissa provides another guest post today: This week at the ThedaCare Center, we did a waste-walk that was inspired by the energy work that some of us observed at Gundersen Health [...]


T-Minus 10 Days Until the Lean Tanzania Healthcare Webinar – “Top 10” (or so) List From Utah Site Visits

Our Network Team (plus 2) had the opportunity to see some really great application of lean thinking at 3 terrific organizations last week: AutoLiv, US Synthetic and O.C. Tanner. We compiled our [...]


T-Minus 14 Days Until the Lean Tanzania Healthcare Webinar – Dog Job, Cat Job

Our team is still mobile.  We’ve seen 2 great organizations the last 2 days, 1 more to go tomorrow before heading home. Here we are talking over what we learned at today’s visit to US [...]