Many (Most?) Systems Are Perfectly Designed To Produce Fear

“Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results it gets”.  That quote is attributed to Dr. Don Berwick, past president and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare [...]


We’d Be Far Better Off If Some People Didn’t Show Up For Work

In every 4-day seminar that I attended with Dr. Deming, and every presentation he made, I heard him say something like this: “We are ruined by best efforts and hard work.  People do their [...]


This Is What We Do – We Try To Give People Hope

There are 60 healthcare organizations that are members of the Healthcare Value Network.  We also have 4 Sponsor Member organizations (they represent the extended value stream for providing value [...]


Special Cause

Some years ago, I switched from a PC to a Mac.  The Mac “just works”.  It’s always been reliable and has given me zero problems. Until last week. I turned my computer on (or [...]


We All Went To The Wrong School, But We Are Doing Something About That

We all went to the wrong school.  The courses we took, the way we were taught, and trained and treated were all wrong. It began early on in our lives, shortly after Kindergarten I think.  The [...]


First There’s Grope … Actually There’s Only Grope

One of my favorite books is “Orbiting The Giant Hairball” by Gordon Mackenzie.  I like to give it as a gift for people who help us with our work.  One of the chapters is titled [...]


A Great Organization May Not Need A Reward & Recognition System

At our company, we are learning about the Shingo Model For Operational Excellence.  One way to learn about this model is to go to a host organization that will let us talk to people at all levels [...]