This One Is For Dave and Carol

This week I had the good fortune of visiting a very good company and making a presentation at a Patient Experience Summit that they hosted. I was not the original choice to be the speaker, but [...]


Gemba Visit – Where They Make Medical Exam and Diagnostic Equipment

I had the good fortune to go see the application of lean thinking at a company that makes the equipment that you see in a physician’s office and also in a hospital.  My host was Welch [...]



The Minneapolis-St. Paul “Monster Dash” (half marathon) seems to becoming an annual tradition.  I didn’t run this year, but Annie Suzie did (we all participated in the recent [...]


People Development, Do We Know What We Are Doing?

I have heard some people refer to lean as “people development through process improvement”.  This resonates with me.  I think that one way for people to develop is through [...]


Homecoming At Purdue

I was at Purdue University this past weekend for what I would call a “homecoming”.  I did not attend this university, but I still think of this as a homecoming. The W. Edwards Deming [...]


Rockstar Diaries – Day 1

In many (most?) organizations the real transformation work is not happening at the top of the organization, not really.  Oh, there are exceptions and we know that when top management understands [...]


Boss’s Day

i guess today is “Boss’s Day“.  Happy Boss’s Day if you are a boss.  I wonder why we have all of these designated “days” anyway?  My suspicion is  that the [...]


All In The Family

I had the opportunity to go-see some great lean healthcare application at a hospital where my daughter works.  So, I got to see some good stuff and see what she does. The easiest way is to share [...]


Our Dot Just Got Bigger

We are trying to transform the healthcare system.  It currently does not work (it’s not really a system).  It’s a big hairy audacious goal (bhag), and it requires coordination with [...]


Family Fun – 26.2 Miles

Our family had our thanksgiving get-together this weekend.  I know it’s not November yet.  But Thanksgiving is a made up holiday that has become more about generating the economy and [...]

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