Rockstar Diaries – Day 4 – Boots On The Ground In Tanzania

In June 2013 I started blogging about Michael Grogan. Michael is doing some amazing work in Tanzania.  I’m trying to get him some help … some “boots on the ground”. We did [...]


10 Lessons – Principles, Systems, Tools, Performance & Behavior

Here’s a problem we’re trying to address.  The graph below (red arrow) shows that we have been increasing the number of people in our Healthcare Value Network who have been introduced [...]



I had the good fortune of spending the day with my friends at Christie Clinic in Champaign, IL.  I’m going to do a complete blog on the day … when I get some time.  I promise.  This [...]


Falling In Love With One Part of Lean – Still Command & Control

Bob Emiliani and Mark Graban have done a great job describing what real lean thinking is, and what it is not.  Bob characterizes “real lean” and “fake lean”.  Mark [...]


Rockstar Diaries – Day 3

I had the good fortune to visit 2 of our HVN member organizations in St. Louis the past 2 days.  We have some “lean rockstars” in St. Louis! I met with supply chain representatives [...]


Rockstar Diaries – Day 2

I visited some of our other lean healthcare rockstars in Kitchener, Ontario this past week. Don Shilton, the CEO, was leading one of the daily huddles.  This was in Nuclear Medicine.  They take [...]