Notes On Management In Healthcare – 7th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit

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The 7th Annual Lean Healthcare Transformation Summit is this week (June 15-16) in Miami, FL.  I was on staff at the ThedaCare Center For Healthcare Value for Summits 1-6.  This year I’m attending as one of the faculty at the Center.  They actually found a way to put me to work this year.  At lunch there are various table discussions for some topics of interest.  One topic was “What would Dr. Deming think of lean today?”  I was asked if I would be interested in helping with that discussion.  “Sure, and better yet, I would like to do this with my friend Mark Graban!”

So, that’s how I’m helping this week.

That’s me in the photo below, from 1993 at one of the 4-day seminars where I helped Dr. Deming.  I had more hair back then, and none of it was gray.

deming & mike

I’m pretty sure I know what he would say about what is being called “lean” and the attempts to apply it in healthcare.  Dr. Deming and I had a number of conversations about how his philosophy could be applied to healthcare.  He handed me this document ( in 1987, and I think much of it still pertains.  I made some copies and will share it at lunch on Wednesday.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

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