A Tale of Two Cities (Labs)

I currently work with 2 hospitals not too far from each other  Both of them have opportunities to apply lean thinking in the lab (and other areas). Lab 1 Had a pretty inefficient layout in an old [...]


Learning Strategy

I need to remember to keep a “learning strategy” going with A3 #1 (finding my last job).  I was reminded of this during a phone call with JD yesterday.  I was asking for advice on [...]


A3 #1 – Finding my “Last” Job

I say “last” rather than “next” because I’d like to find one last way of making a difference (and making a living) before I retire to the watercolors and bike riding [...]


Working on 3 A3s

The way I’m thinking about this Gembawalkabout, I’m really working 3 A3s. 1 – To find my last job (I say “last” job rather t han next job, because I would like to [...]


Gemba Fly About

I write this post while flying … you can now get internet access on some flights … that’s a great innovation (of course it costs, but I think it is value-added time). Am reading [...]


Lean in Imaging

Just completed 3 days of work with a team at a hospital.  Nice folks, I hope the work leads to improvement.  I gotta admit, I have my doubts. The predominant focus from the top is [...]


Gembawalkabout – 2/9/2010 An interesting and worthwhile learning and networking opportunity at the Innovation Exposition 3 in Boston these last 2 days.  One of the foundation models was [...]


Gemba Walk About – Planning

I am planning a “walkabout” to learn as much as I can about what is going on in healthcare related to the application of lean thinking principles.  My intent is to discover what my [...]

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