2014 Hansei – Tending A Network

I tried something last year with a reflection on 2013.  I am giving it a go again this year. Here’s what I learned about Hansei.  It is my understanding that “Han” means to [...]


So You Want To Be A Healthcare Value Network Member? Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Delaware Style

I had the good fortune to visit several of our Healthcare Value Network member organizations the past 2 weeks. Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates hosted a meeting of HVN member organizations in [...]


Top Management Sets The Cultural Climate In An Organization – Example of Leadership In Nursing

My mom was a nurse.  I blogged about her before. As I mentioned in that blog post, I am pretty sure that she worked herself to death, at least the work system was a major contributing factor. [...]


So You Want To Be A Healthcare Value Network Member? Ideas Are The Beginning Of “Improve”

I had the good fortune to visit a few of our Healthcare Value Network member organizations this past week.  After doing some work with Tucson Medical Center, I had the opportunity to stop in and [...]


This Year’s Deming Research Paper – Current State of Understanding (or Misunderstanding) Variation

Last year I presented a paper at the 20th Annual International Deming Research Summit on the topic of “UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION OF DEMING’S SYSTEM OF PROFOUND KNOWLEDGE IN HEALTHCARE: [...]


Innovation and Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

Here’s a compilation of some of my tweets from this year’s Annual Deming Conference in Los Angeles, CA. My top 5 take-aways from this terrific conference: 1. Paula Marshall, CEO at [...]


It’s The System, But Not Just Any System … It Depends on the Principles

People want better results.  I hear it every day.  Costs are over-running revenues.  There are too many customer complaints.  There are too many patient injuries and even deaths.  Yes, people [...]


The Mythology Of Management Seems To Start in First Grade

I still remember some things from when I was in kindergarten.  My teacher was Mrs. Sears.  We took naps and I learned to skip.  One day we had a fire drill that was supposed to include a chance [...]


So, You Want To Be A Healthcare Value Network Member? Oregon Tour

As part of my work to support the Healthcare Value Network, I had the good fortune to visit two great organizations in Oregon last week.  Here’s a brief summary. I asked to learn about the [...]


Lean Thinking and Information (Technology) – Converting Data Into Wisdom

I recently had to upgrade to a new computer.  When I say “had to” I don’t mean that I was coerced, or that my old computer died.  But it became apparent that my 5 year-old [...]

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