With over 20 years developing executive education and teaching in both industry and university graduate programs, we believe in experiential and explorative learning in an environment which enables people to learn and grow. Most organizations focus on developing world-class content, but without world-class delivery the learning remains academic – usually never leaving the classroom. IEX combines cutting edge content with world-class delivery by utilizing three key techniques and six guiding principles:


Verticals are training groups that include both the upstream and downstream owners in an area, department, division or even organization. Verticals accelerate the knowledge transfer and support needed to act on the learning being acquired by having the right people develop together.

Go See/Go Do

Adults are experiential-learners. We have coined the term “Pracademic”, which refers to finding the practical application behind the theory. This is only accomplished by going and seeing actual examples and then identifying how to adapt (not adopt) to meet the specific needs.

Teach To Learn

The deepest learning comes from teaching. By teaching others we force ourselves to become experts. Not only will participants participate in discussions and activities but will also engage in teaching others. 90+% retention is gained when we teach, which provides a great ROI of your time and energy invested in the learning.

Respect Every Individual

Lead With Humility

Learn Continuously

Think Systemically

Create Value For The Customer

Embrace Scientific Thinking

IEX provides a unique look into organizations and their culture by not only assessing performance outcomes but the behaivor in how performance is achieved. This series provides a new lens to SEE your culture – through your systems and the behaviors they drive. The series provides various levels of engagement, from building an internal assessment system to identifying how to take an effective “Go-See” walk as a leader.


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IEX offers both custom and public workshops for executives, managers and improvement support teams who wish to learn about our "Foundations For Transformation" model.  Read our white paper found at this link.


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How do you deploy and apply the knowledge from the Foundations model into and across your organization?  IEX offers custom and public workshops, as well as custom coaching engagements built on our "swim lane" framework.  Read our white paper found at this link.

System Build

system build

Learn how to adjust and design the kinds of systems you need to drive ideal behaviors around align, enable and improve principles.  Read our white paper at this link.

To learn more about public and custom education offerings from IEX contact us through e-mail at: Mike Stoecklein or phone at 952-334-3578.

licensed shingo affiliate 

We are an educational affiliate of The Shingo Institute with three certified instructors on our team.