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    The Institute for Enterprise Excellence (IEX), founded by Jacob Raymer in 2013, is a research, education and coaching institution that focuses on helping organizations build principle-based architecture to achieve world-class results.

    Jacob Raymer is an internationally recognized speaker addressing corporate and public audiences on the subjects of leadership roles & responsibilities, cultural transformation, and how to achieve enterprise excellence with the right behavior and sustainable long-term results.

    As the former Shingo Prize Director of Education at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, Jacob co-created the Shingo Model from key insights gained through partnerships with Steven Covey and Ritsuo Shingo (Former CEO of Toyota China). The Shingo Prize is regarded as the premier operational excellence award and recognition program in the world with Business Week dubbing The Shingo Prize as “the Nobel Prize of Manufacturing.” For over 10 years Jacob has developed and trained Shingo Examiners and 1000’s of individuals worldwide on how to assess and implement lean transformation by applying the Shingo Model and its principles. He continues to lecture at the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University in graduate courses such as “Leadership and Operational Excellence in a Global Context”, and “Principles of Operational Excellence” – where he brings practical application to the theoretical philosophy of excellence.

    In 2006, Jacob pioneered a concept called key behavior indicators (KBI) with organizations such as Daimler, Goodyear Tire, Christie Clinic, and Medtronic. Organizations are usually familiar with key performance indicators (KPI) but often fail to focus on the behavior in how to achieve such performance results, which is why we often see work-a-rounds, fire-fighting and heroic efforts to achieve results. With the combining of the two (KPI & KBI) the Institute for Enterprise Excellence has lead the development of learning and application of:

    • Behavior-based strategy deployment,
    • Building systems to drive the right behavior,
    • Mapping principle-behavior, systems and tools, and
    • Internal assessments focusing on KBI & KPI
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